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About us

Hellenic Agricultural Enterprises has been inspired by our wish to promote highest quality agricultural products from Lesvos and other parts of Greece in global markets.


Since 2013

Since its founding in 2013, Hellenic Agricultural Enterprises has succeeded in becoming one of the top olive oil producers in the world, while also offering an ever-widening range of delectable, nutritious, sustainably grown foods for discerning consumers


Our commitment to sustainable production methods reveals our respect for our planet and love for the olive tree.

Health Claim

ACAIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified
for its higher polyphenol content

About Olive Oil

Because of virgin olive oil’s lighter flavor compared with extra virgin oils, recipes sometimes recommend...
Be informed about the olive variety from which your oil has been extracted. Each variety...
Olive oil is a tremendously versatile product with a wide variety of practical and beneficial...

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