ACAIA Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made exclusively from hand-picked Kolovi olives that grow on the mountainous groves of the Aegean island of Lesvos, ACAIA reveals the fresh fruitiness and clear golden color of this rare olive variety. With very low acidity it is naturally high in powerful polyphenols and antioxidants. Its richly complex aromas evoke freshly cut grass, tomato leaves and herbs, combined with nuts, tropical fruit and apple. It has an exceptional balance between pungency and spiciness producing a unique and exceptional taste experience. ACAIA is the ideal gourmet choice for use in both your savory and sweet dishes, enriching your foods with an exquisite touch.

Acidity of ACAIA is far below the upper limits set by the European Union.

Offered in 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml Olea Antico bottles.