Our Fruit Toppings

Hebe was the ancient Greek goddess of eternal youth, known for serving ambrosia and nectar in a golden chalice, the food and drink of the gods that conferred longevity and immortality.

Hebe is the name of our range of fruit toppings, known in Greece as “spoon sweets”, a Greek household item for centuries. The name “spoon sweets” derives from their traditional use as a welcome offering for visitors of a spoonful of one or another preserve in small glass or crystal dish with a glass of cold water on the side.

Hebe fruit toppings are produced in the mountain ranges of Pelion in central Greece, the ancient home to the mythological Centaurs, a region famous for their “sweets of the spoon”.

They are most commonly eaten as toppings for yogurt and vanilla ice cream, the perfect sweet touch for a snack or to finish a meal. In addition spoon sweets are used  as a topping for cheesecake, crepes and waffles,  in place of jam on bread and butter, and viennoiseries, in smoothies and milkshakes,  in layer cakes like black forest,  as a sweet accompaniment to cheese, in tea, whole or syrup only.